Expand economic and educational opportunity and help small businesses create jobs

Everyone has the right to a good, living-wage job. But not all Coloradans have that chance, especially in CD-3. To bring you more economic opportunities to our communities, I will:

  • Support our local communities so that small businesses thrive
  • Help attract new businesses and retain existing ones
  • Invest in 21st century infrastructure to support businesses that depend on it
  • Disincentivize corporations from taking jobs overseas
  • Support local farmers and ranchers, both traditional and alternative producers
  • Protect net neutrality so small businesses can compete right off the bat
  • Develop more clean energy jobs by investing in energy efficiency and our renewable energy resources


Invest in public education so you have the skills you need in today’s economy

Protect students and their families from predatory lending so they don’t end up in debt that drains their ability to succeed in our economy

  • Create apprenticeships so our citizens are prepared to enter the workforce
  • Help prospective employees match their skills with what employers need
  • Protect programs that help hard working people, such as Medicaid, Medicare, Pell Grants, and USDA loans and grants


Ensure everyone has affordable, high quality health care

Healthcare is a right, and everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy life. To ensure you and your family get the healthcare you need, I will:

  • Protect the ACA from special interests who profit by denying you quality care
  • Help fund mental health care and drug abuse prevention/treatment programs
  • Address the opioid crisis with sufficient funds
  • Advocate for universal, single-payer health care to keep Coloradans and Americans healthy


Protect our air, water, public health, wildlife habitat, and public lands

Protecting the environment is critical for retaining and expanding local businesses, attracting new well paying jobs, and keeping us and all our children healthy. To ensure we take care of our natural resources for the benefit of this and future generations, I will:

  • Ensure giant corporations are held responsible if they endanger people’s lives and health for their own profit
  • Help people and businesses properly dispose of their waste
  • Build up our sustainable infrastructure to better recycle wastewater, prevent toxins from entering our environment, and increase energy efficiency
  • Develop more renewable energy sources that create jobs and keep our air clear


Invest in transportation, water, and broadband infrastructure

Our crumbling infrastructure is hurting our ability to compete globally, is preventing job creation, and lowering our quality of life. To strengthen our infrastructure and create jobs, I will:

  • Help fund multimodal 21st century transportation projects: roads, bridges, airports, bike and pedestrian facilities, public transit, and rail
  • Increase access to affordable high speed internet for our rural communities
  • Invest in water projects that ensure we treat wastewater properly and protect our drinking water.


Support local agriculture

Our farmers and ranchers are the cornerstone of our Colorado economy and our communities in CD-3. I will continue to fight for their prosperity as your Congressperson. To help them thrive, I will:

  • Continue to remove obstacles for young farmers and ranchers
  • Ensure the federal agriculture budget is adequate
  • Make the farm bill fairer for family agriculture
  • Prevent federal overreach that prevents our farmers from producing new and profitable crops, such as hemp


Immigration reform

We need to protect DACA and the Dreamers. They were brought here as children and contribute to our economy and our communities. To ensure our immigrants are treated fairly, I will:

  • Work across the aisle to build a path to citizenship and pass a clean DREAM act
  • Fix work visa programs so that employers, especially in agriculture and tech, have the workforce needed to compete
  • Help Dreamers afford the education they deserve. In 2013, I co-sponsored legislation so that Dreamers could get in-state college tuition


Protect everyone’s Human Rights and Civil Rights

Respecting human dignity is essential for our communities to thrive in the 3rd CD. Everyone, no matter where they are from, the color of their skin, their gender, or whom they love, has the opportunity to work hard to reach their dreams. To protect your human dignity, I will:

  • Protect LGBTQ peoples right to make their own life choices
  • Demand women receive equal pay for equal work
  • Fight for our peoples - especially women, people of color, LGBTQ, and immigrants - right to a harassment-free workplace, school, and community
  • Fight for a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health and have access to necessary reproductive healthcare
  • Protect your right to privacy on the internet
  • Protect your right to free speech and assembly
  • End voter suppression
  • End Citizens United


I don’t just talk about the issues that matter most to my constituents, I work my hardest to respond to and solve them.






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